Private Adornment Session

Private Adornment Session

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We are located in Port Saint Lucie

***What to expect at your session

•I will go over the color meaning 

•We will discuss your goals/intentions

• I will assist you with selecting mantras/affirmations for each waist bead

• I will answer all your questions 

• I will tie your waist beads

• This is a safe space for all humans 💕

Please do not have any other adults in the space with us. If you have children, I understand. Please call me at 754-610-2543 to discuss what that will look like for your experience. Cell phones must be turned off during the session. This time is for you!

*** Funds are refundable if the booking is canceled 48 hours in advance.

The $20.00 charge goes towards your waist bead purchase. 

The entire deposit must be used at your appointment. If you have any questions please call me.