Mother & Daughter Adornment Session

Mother & Daughter Adornment Session

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This is a 50-minute session. I will travel to your home or any agreed upon location.

Please call 754-610-2543 before purchasing. We will discuss what you would like your tailored session to look like.

***What to expect at your session

•I will go over the color meaning and brief information regarding color psychology

•We will have a discussion about everyone's goals/intentions

• I will guide you in communicating lovingly to your child while you adorn her waist

• I will guide each of you with selecting mantras/affirmations for each waist bead

• Together you will practice Mirror Work and sealing your intentions

• I will answer all your questions 

• Adorning of waist

• This is a safe space for all humans 💕

Please call me 754-610-2543 we can discuss what your experience will look like. Cell phones must be turned off during the session. This time is for you and your daughter(s) to be present, seen, and heard!

*** Funds are refundable if the booking is canceled 48 hours in advance.

❣️ The deposit goes towards your waist bead purchase. We will bring our waist beads so you can select the perfect ones for your journey. The entire deposit must be used at the session. 

📍A mileage fee will be discussed after I receive the address at the time of booking