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Live Fly

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Traditional Tie on waist bead is meant for permanent wear

Materials used: Cotton string, rose quartz, garnet stones, and glass seed beads

The waist bead fits up to 50 inches and can be adjusted down to fit any waist size

Please take a look at the "How to tie" video that is on this website

Ships within 5 business days


Gold Beads are for those that are practicing being intentional regarding –  Good health, success, courage, power, wealth and setting boundaries

Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. They only fly for half of their life span, which is a reminder to LIVE...FLY...


You can focus on whichever meaning resonates with your goals; once you understand the meaning of the bead color you can align your waist bead choices with your intentions.

You can use your waist bead as a tool for grounding and manifesting your goals or you can simply choose your waist bead because it is beautiful.

We have a location in Miramar, Florida, and Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Please text or call us at 754-610-2543 if you would like more information. Please follow our Instagram page for the most up-to-date information @badoredwaistbeads